# Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TS3 Manager free?
Yes. The source code is open source and I do not make any money with it.

Where are the login credentials stored?
The login credentials for the serveradmin are only stored locally and encrypted in your browser session. No passwords are stored on the server side.

Do I have to whitelist the TS3 Manager?
No not necessary. Unlike other web based solutions for TeamSpeak, the connection between the TS3 Manager and the ServerQuery is kept open until you logout, close your browser tab or refresh the page. Because of that the anti-flood detection by the ServerQuery will not be activated.

Is there a mobile app?
The TS3 Manager is a Progressive Web App. If you open the TS3 Manager with the chrome browser on your android device it will show up a notification where you can add the application to your homescreen. On iOS there is no notification. You have to add the webpage manually to your homescreen with the safari browser. See also /guide/MobileApp.html

Where does the TS3 Manager stores its data?
The TS3 Manager is more or less stateless. Most of the data is saved in the browser session. There is no database. The only files which are created and stored on the local system are log files.

Further questions ..?
... check out the forums.

# Forums

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