# Installation

# Windows

Go to Download and download the file for Windows. Run it by double clicking it. On the first startup the windows firewall will probably show you a security alert. Just hit "Allow Access". The app should start now as seen in the picture below. Open up a browser of your choice and go to http://localhost:3000. windows-cmd

# macOS

Go to Download and download the file for Mac. Open a terminal and navigate to the downloaded file (e.g. your downloads folder).

cd ./Downloads

Make the file executable.

chmod +x ts3-manager-macos

Run the executable.


Open up a browser of your choice and go to http://localhost:3000.

# Linux

Get the direct download url on Sourceforge (Copy the link of the download button). Download the file in your terminal session.

wget -O start_ts3-manager https://sourceforge.net/projects/ts3-manager/files/ts3-manager-linux-vX.X.X/download

Make the file executable.

chmod +x start_ts3-manager

Now you can simply run the executable. However the recommended way is to run the application as systemd service.


With systemd you can run the application in the background and enable it to automatically start up when the machine boots.

For security reasons we will create a new user ts3-manager. This user will run the application.

adduser --system --no-create-home --group --disabled-password ts3-manager

Create a new work directory for the application.

cd /var/www

mkdir /var/www/ts3-manager

Copy the previously downloaded file start_ts3-manager to the work directory.

cp /path/to/downloaded/file/start_ts3-manager /var/www/ts3-manager/

Add the needed permissions for the user ts3-manager. The user needs write permissions to create log files.

chown -R ts3-manager:ts3-manager /var/www/ts3-manager

chmod -R 755 /var/www/ts3-manager

Create a systemd service file.

nano /etc/systemd/system/ts3-manager.service

Copy the following content into the file and save it:

Description=TeamSpeak 3 Server Manager



Enable the created unit file.

systemctl enable ts3-manager

Start the application.

systemctl start ts3-manager

Verify if the service is running.

systemctl status ts3-manager

Thanks to dionysius, who wrote the systemd unit file. (#11)

# Docker

As mentioned before the Docker image is based on the latest commit on Github. So every time the codebase gets changed, a new image is created.

Pull the latest image from Docker Hub.

docker pull joni1802/ts3-manager

Start the container. The docker image is using the port 8080.

docker run -p 8080:8080 --name ts3-manager joni1802/ts3-manager