The Open Source Webinterface For TeamSpeak Servers


Maintain Your Teamspeak Server ...

... simply via a webinterface with the TS3 Manager.

Self Hosted

Host the TS3 Manager on your own server.

Supports All Platforms

The TS3 Manager runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.

Screen Recording TS3 Manager Server Viewer

# This Project Is Open Source

Github Logo Go to the official Github repo and help improving the TS3 Manager.

# Introduction

The TS3 Manager is a webinterface where you can manage your Teamspeak3 server. The web app allows to control multiple TeamSpeak instances in just one interface.

  • stop, start your servers
  • create and deploy snapshots
  • add or remove server groups, channel groups etc.
  • handle complaints
  • manage bans
  • see who is online
  • chat with users

... and much more

# How It Works

The TS3 Manager is basically just a frontend for the Teamspeak3 ServerQuery. The frontend communicates with the backend via websockets. And the backend sends that data directly to the Teamspeak3 ServerQuery and sends the response back to the frontend.

Communication Diagram

# Questions?

... check out the FAQ